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The NIGHTMARE was only the beginning for Aeon... a starting-off point, from which her life separated into several paths.  The first, a life closely intertwined with that of "The One".  A destiny in which she became, by a bizarre twist of fate and in the aftermath of a personal tragedy, his one-time lover and the mother of a child that she tried in vain to keep him from knowing.  But her past with the Agents came back to haunt her time and again, and she found herself fighting a war against nearly everyone that she loved time and again.  Her own son, stolen from his foster parents by Persephone and rescued only by a kind goddess who raised him, turned against her after years of seperation, only to return to her world out of a sense of duty.  But by this time Aeon was already entangled with a man named Jericho, a man who remained even more of an enigma than Aeon herself... (to be continued in the archives of The_Matrix_Has_You)

However, as in all worlds, there are other realities.  In a second incarnation, Aeon found herself again working closely with resitance members Neo and Trinity.  However, in this world, she was no friend of either.  It was an arrangement of convenience and necessity, and she defied them at every turn, making enemies out of most of their crew in the process.  It was not until a man by the name of RavenWolf crossed Aeon's path that she began to feel something resembling happiness with her new life.  But even this was a precarious happiness, one that required her to fight against Agents, fate, and her fellow crewmembers to pursue.  And just when she thought all might end happily, she discovered RavenWolf's secret - his alternate persona, a cruel, destructive man named Nicholi, who tended to show up and create havoc wherever he went.  A chain of events involving, once again, Aeon's eternal nemesis Persephone, left both Aeon and Ravenwolf on the brink of death, each unknowing of the other's plight...  (To be continued on MRPG)

Yet, all is not hopeless, and at the end of a long tunnel of darkness there is always a light.  In one final incarnation, Aeon had certainly suffered her share of darkness.  Having the Nebuchadnezzar after the departure of Neo and Trinity, Aeon found herself restless, bored by the everyday life of the real world, and with her own role in it.  Her relationship with Azkyn, a close friend and sometimes lover, was one of convenience more than actual love.  However, her betrayal of Azkyn for a cruel, sadistic man named Curve was still shocking, as was her subsequent descent into madness.  Only after losing her memory and being 'rescued' (or stolen), by a former theif named Braddock and his lustful partner, Libra, did Aeon begin to regain some semblance of her former self.  Her journey was no picnic, as her psychological scars ran deep, but along the way she found herself falling in love with Braddock, who was at her side every step of the way despite Aeon's initial rejection of him, and despite the many subsequent snares she got him into.  The two of them made a great team, at least as lovers... but Libra's jealously threatened to rip apart this happiness.  Now Aeon must make a choice - sacrifice her happiness for the sake of the mission, or turn her back on a friend who had been just as instrumental in helping Aeon find herself as Braddock had been... (To be continued on ITM)